Properly preparing for your makeup or hair appointment makes the application and styling process run smoothly, and increases the longevity of your look. 

Before your makeup appointment I encourage you to prepare by:

  • Getting some quality sleep at least the night or two before will help reduce puffiness and dicolouration under and around the eyes
  • Cleansing your skin prior to the appointment removes any makeup residue and excess oils 
  • Staying hydrated improves the overall health of the skin: your skin will appear clearer, fuller and smoother
  • Moisturizing will ensure your skin maintains enough oils to keep dry patches at bay. Please moisturize lightly on the day-of, as too much product may affect the longevity of your makeup look
    • Oily skin: If you tend to have oily skin you may want to skip a moisturizing cream or lotion. If desired you could use a light hydrating serum instead
    • Combination Skin: If you have some dry areas and some oily areas you can absolutely just moisturize the dry parts 
    • If you’re not sure: That’s alright too! I can do a skin assessment before application, and I am absolutely able to work with whatever condition your skin is in that day!

Note: Getting facials are lovely and pampering, but they can cause some redness and blemishes in the day or two after the service. If you’re getting a facial before a big event, I suggest you do it at least 5-7 days before, to give your skin time to even back out. Same goes for waxing and threading

Before your hair appointment I ask that you: 

  • Have clean, and very lightly conditioned (if at all) hair. No need for “day-old” hair
  • Have hair that is completely dry – If hair requires a blow out prior to styling, it increases the time spent and may be subject to extra fees
  • Inform me if you have extensions or hair pieces, and if they are natural or synthetic so I may choose the correct styling method
  • Inform me if you require me to attach extensions or hair pieces – this service is subject to an extra fee
  • Inform me of any special needs or requests related to your hair